Amazon’s Brand Store feature allows sellers to create an online brand store to display their products for better results. This feature creates a strong brand appearance for seller’s products that improve visibility among customers against competitors.

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Benefits of Amazon Boost Service


Amazon puts high significance on keeping up the trust of our large number of fulfilled clients. Dealers with higher feedback, execution parameters empower purchaser trust and hence more business. Navus follow Trust-Relation-Security to give the best quality services and you can utilize these services to get help to deal with your record wellbeing by viably taking care of your purchaser dealer messages, A2Z claims, negative criticism, returns, and discounts. Improved consumer loyalty brings about good appraisals and audits.


The customer has various choices when they visit for shopping online and take a look at the entire scope of limited time contributions – rupees/rate off the cost and free shipping. In this condition to sell or show particularly at the top of the search, we do the deals promotion activity. Utilize these services to exhibit your products through promotions and deals to millions of customers on Amazon. The specialist organization assists you with altering and deal with these promotions for your products.


Utilize these services to get help for your everyday assignments, for example, cost and amount refreshes, shipping settings, Order confirmation, and refreshing following numbers.


Pricing is the most important term to lead on the competition and to conquer. Because the public always shows their interest in low-cost products. Set your product price according to the competition and make the changes as per needs. Coordinating most minimal or purchase box costs ensure you don’t miss out on price leads customer.


SEO friendly listing can keep your product at high on the search term and give you the best results. Search engine optimization friendly listing done as per the features of the exact product to appear the products at the top and increase visibility. It incorporates making item titles, depictions and other compulsory characteristics according to Amazon necessity.


The brand registry helps you to ensure your registered trademarks on Amazon and make a precise and accurate understanding for clients. Your enrollment in the Amazon Brand Registry gives access to useful assets including restrictive content and picture search, predictive automation based on your reports of suspected licensed innovation rights violations, and expanded authority over item postings with your image name.

Choices offered to sellers in Amazon Boost Services


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